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Artist Statement


Mother Universe, unending

stellar womb of all our days

diamond dust of ancient splendour

star vibration

silver rays

illuminate the farthest reaches

teach us how to pray

to what's within

the vast

the open

through the heart

a voice unbroken

in a language never spoken

sings to wake us where we lay


we've been asleep so very long

through fitful dreams 

and narrow songs

but in the woods the drum beats on

the heart keeps pace

‘til break of day


and with the birth of that invincible sun

and the daybreak chorus of the feathered messengers

singing in their birdy tongues

'we are many

we are one

we are many

we are one'

ancient tweeters

beautifully blessing us

and the waters, our blood, the earth, the breeze

encircling us, caressing us

may we see without doubt

what we truly are -

nothing short of the miraculous

embodiments of the enchanted Cosmos

sons and daughters of the FatherMother

let us rise up luminous like the full Moon 

and take hands

with our sisters

with our brothers

in tenderness

in togetherness

with our shared history

of foreverness

pointing to the infinite

whilst squaring up to 

the relentlessness

of the moribund inward-facing

dark logic and the messiness

of the thievery corporations

that are plundering with recklessness

this earthly paradise of delights

to make shiny shit that dazzles us

to what may be 

beyond our screens

the simple, clear and effortless


for one another

for ourselves

for the world

and for the very breath in us

in everything The Nameless is moving

it is pointedly addressing us:










take aim with the bows of your war-weary hearts

and send arrows of steadfast love



from bended knee

as far as you can for all to see:

to the rainforest fires

to the funeral pyres

to the lost 

to the landless

to the political liars

to the young

to the old

to those twinkling with gold

to every beautiful, terrified animal being killed for its meat 

in dark factories

to our kin on those boats

who are struggling to float

over shockwaves

from a monetised war machine

to the ends of the Earth

to all those now taking birth

and to those taking their leave

back into the seas

of this incomprehensible 



fill the sky with our prayers

fill the earth with the heirs

to the thrones

of what humankind

truly could be

and within this great field

with strength may we yield

to the greater dream of the totality


watch now

as with hearts like the sun

we build a vision 

of love

without hate

of unity

give it form with our actions 

and infiltrate

the collectivised insanity

and remember that we are made from stars

that everything here

all that we are

can trace its 13 billion year path

to one flash of light 

that split apart







in the woods that remain the drum beats on

it is deep and dark and good and strong

with our ancestors behind us leading us on

let us open out wide

to that unvanquishable sun

and unveil

to ourselves

and to everyone

the clear diamond dawn 

of reality